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ADR Systems is delighted to welcome Hon. Margaret A. Brennan, (Ret.) to its panel of senior mediators and arbitrators. For the past 19 years, Judge Brennan served in the Circuit Court of Cook County Chancery and Law Divisions, rising to Supervising Judge, Commercial Section, in 2018. Prior to joining the bench, she cultivated experience as a litigator and in-house counsel, addressing an array of commercial and personal injury matters.

“Judge Brennan’s career as a corporate counsel, trial attorney and jurist equip her to see the big picture in commercial disputes,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “Counsel, their clients and corporate representatives can trust that Judge Brennan’s varied experience gives her the tools to understand nuanced perspectives on the day of mediation or arbitration.”

During her tenure on the bench, Judge Brennan developed a cogent appreciation for alternative dispute resolution as a more efficient and amicable way to close the book on legal disputes. Before and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, she conducted numerous pretrial sessions to resolve employment matters, including harassment and whistleblower cases, as well as contract, partnership dissolution and foreclosure disputes. Judge Brennan once even settled a case because of happenstance: She encountered attorneys at the Daley Center who were waiting as their case was set for trial and offered to pre-try it. An hour and a half later, the case was resolved.

“I think it behooves litigants to consider mediating or arbitrating their disputes,” said Judge Brennan. “Litigants can fight tooth and nail with excellent legal cases, but if the battle becomes a Pyrrhic victory – where cost of victory is so great that it is tantamount to defeat – the question becomes: Was it really worth it?”

For those entangled in commercial disputes, that question cannot be undervalued, she added, explaining that she understands how imposing and intimidating the legal system can be, particularly because litigants are not in control of its procedures. The prospect of trial can be overwhelming.

Unlike litigation, mediation and arbitration take a different approach. Litigants can save time and money while retaining more control of the proceedings. Moreover, mediation and arbitration provide closure to the dispute. “You cannot put a price on that closure, that relief parties feel when they know, legally, their dispute is over,” said Judge Brennan.

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Hon. Margaret A. Brennan, (Ret.) served for 19 years in the Circuit Court of Cook County Chancery and Law Divisions and cultivated expansive knowledge of commercial cases such as employment matters involving discrimination and retaliatory discharge, construction and legal malpractice disputes. Colleagues commend Judge Brennan’s intelligence, persuasiveness, remarkable patience, careful case preparation and boundless energy, which contribute significantly to her success as a senior mediator and arbitrator.

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