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ADR Systems is pleased to announce that Hon. Lisa R. Curcio, (Ret.) has joined our panel of senior mediators and arbitrators. Judge Curcio has more than 15 years of judicial experience, 11 of which were in the Chancery Division of the Cook County Circuit Court.

“I’m looking forward to interacting with people in a way that I couldn’t as a trial judge,” Judge Curcio said. “I’ve always enjoyed settlement conferences. Not being constrained by the role of trial judge will allow me to dig deeper into the questions and the issues surrounding the case to better assist the parties.”

During her last seven years on the bench, Judge Curcio focused on mechanics liens and construction contracts and defects. But it’s her unique background prior to becoming a neutral that sets her apart. Her skills as a neutral are complimented by her knowledge of real estate transactions, business and the banking industry – all gained prior to becoming an attorney.

“In addition to my years on the bench and in the legal field, I understand how things work in business,” Judge Curcio said. “This practical experience outside of the legal community helped me be a better judge, and it will help me be a better mediator and arbitrator.”

Judge Curcio is known for her measured and practical approach, careful management of complicated multi-party cases and understanding of the nuances involved in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

“Judge Curcio is a great addition to ADR Systems, not only because of her vast knowledge and experience in the legal field, but because of her real-world experience working in the banking and real estate industries,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “I look forward to her joining our exclusive panel of neutrals and seeing her impact on our company for years to come.”

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My mediation at ADR Systems proved to be extremely successful, thanks to the professionalism of our mediator.  Judge Kelley adeptly settled a very complex case involving serious injuries.  His patience, knowledge of the case, and considerate treatment of the parties involved all contributed to reaching a settlement that both sides found acceptable.  Kudos to Judge Kelley and ADR Systems for an experience I hope soon to repeat.

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