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Hon. F. Keith Brown, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, presented on the application of technology in mediation and arbitration at the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Tech Expo on July 16.

Judge Brown was joined by Jann Johnson, Esq., Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing at ADR Systems, moderator Gary Doernhoefer, Esq., founder of ADR Notable and Mary Juetten, Esq., principal of Singular Law Group, each of whom work at the intersection of dispute resolution and technology.

The panel discussed the incorporation of technology into mediation sessions to improve negotiations.

Judge Brown has mediated numerous cases remotely, relying on technology to organize submissions details, track negotiation histories and present documents during sessions.

“Even basic technology can make mediation a multi-media experience, and that can be a powerful stimulant to stalled negotiations,” said Judge Brown. “Likewise, it has enabled parties to communicate remotely and has improved access to legal services. It’s the way of the future and should be embraced.”

Judge Brown’s practical experience as a remote, technology-minded mediator is supplemented by his understanding of the ethical obligations that attorneys must comply with when preparing to engage in remote dispute resolution. He recently co-authored an article in Law360, answering many of the common questions attorneys have about the remote dispute resolution process.

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Hon. F. Keith Brown, (Ret.) has extensive experience in settling personal injury, workers’ compensation and commercial matters. As a mediator, he is known for his keen ability to easily connect with people and promote productive communications between all parties. Judge Brown is a beloved pillar of the community, who has been recognized numerous times for community service.

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Judge Burke successfully mediated a complicated case with little chance of being resolved.  He read every word of the parties' submissions, asked astute questions, and worked hard to find a path to resolution.  Judge Burke communicated with the parties themselves - so that they felt they were important participants in working toward resolution. The case I thought was never going to settle, settled.

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