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Hon. Kay M. Hanlon, (Ret.) presented a seminar and participated in a panel discussion at the Illinois State Bar Association’s (ISBA) Tort Law Section Council program on April 11th. The presentation, titled “Perspective from the Bench,” examined how to effectively take and defend depositions, certified questions and how judges rule upon them, and how to avoid objections.

“It was great to hear questions from new lawyers and to give them practical tips on defending depositions and winning their cases,” Judge Hanlon said. “I heard many questions about civility and how to deal with obstructionists.”

The presentation was part of the ISBA’s “The Hot Seat: Taking and Defending Depositions” program. Judge Hanlon also participated in a panel discussion on “Depositions and Getting Your Questions Answered,” alongside Sherri Arrigo of Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth, LLC and John McInerney of Hofeld and Schaffner.

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Judge Hanlon is a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. She has expertise in resolving personal injury actions such as medical malpractice, mass torts and product liability, as well as commercial actions such as legal malpractice, eminent domain and subrogation. Counsel who appeared before Judge Hanlon found her to be perpetually prepared and ready to listen attentively.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could not have settled this case without the tremendous efforts of Judge Brown. He was so kind to my clients and he really helped them through this difficult process.  His thoughtful approach and his incredible tenacity really made the difference in this case. We were very lucky to have him as our mediator and we look forward to working with Judge Brown again very soon.

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