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A new article by Hon. Michael J. Panter, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, invokes memories of James Bond to explain the reasons why mediations come to a halt when one side claims that the other side’s negotiation shows a lack of respect.  Entitled, “Have a nice day, Mr. Bond,” Judge Panter notes that James Bond was not a very good negotiator, but with his skills and good looks, he did not have to be.  In contrast, lawyers need to be good negotiators to effectively represent their clients. He explains that the key to being a good negotiator is in understanding how to earn the respect of your opponent.

The article details five things that lawyers should do in mediation to gain actual respect from the other side.  “Here is one example,” says Judge Panter.  “It is incredibly frustrating when one side refuses to admit an undeniable fact in mediation.  If a fact or issue is obviously inescapable, failing to acknowledge it can be perceived as deal-breaking disrespect.”

To read the entire article, published on April 19, 2017 in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, click here.

Judge Panter is a skilled mediator and arbitrator known for his thorough and intelligent approach to settlements and the boundless energy he brings to the dispute resolution process.  Judge Panter has more than 30 years of legal experience.  He brings a unique and empathic approach to counsel and their clients. Judge Panter has mediated a wide variety of commercial and personal injury cases.

To read Judge Panter’s full bio, click here.

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