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Much of the work that goes into finding a resolution to a dispute goes on before the parties even step into a room together. Quality submissions, such as exhibits, documents or case history provide a framework for measuring the case from each side.  Mediation submissions help mediators understand the case and help them guide parties toward settlement.  And arbitration submissions help arbitrators come to a decision in arbitration.

The submissions received at ADR Systems can be large, substantive files.  The act of simply collecting and organizing these files would be an enormous task for a neutral to undertake by themselves. However, my job as a neutral is made a good deal easier by the submissions department at ADR Systems.

The department coordinates the collection, delivery and maintenance of these important documents.

  • They communicate clear deadlines to the parties and offer multiple ways to send submissions, whether as physical or digital copies
  • They keep track of every single document – with safeguards to protect confidentiality – and deliver the submissions to the neutral in a timely manner
  • They are on call to transmit documents to the neutral during preparation time whenever a neutral requests a file

As a busy mediator and arbitrator,, having an entire department handling these duties frees me to focus only on preparing for the case. They take care of all the necessary communication and the collection of files, and I take care of guiding the parties to resolution on the day of the mediation or arbitration.

Judge Panter is a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. He is known for his thorough and intelligent approach to settlements and the boundless energy he brings to the dispute resolution process. Judge Panter has more than 30 years of legal experience and brings a unique and empathic approach to counsel and their clients. He has mediated a wide variety of commercial and personal injury cases.

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