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ADR Systems is thrilled to welcome Hon. Janet Adams Brosnahan, (Ret.) as the first new neutral to join our panel of senior mediators and arbitrators in 2024—and the thirteenth in the last two and a half years. Judge Brosnahan previously served for 21 years in the Circuit Court of Cook County, the last ten of which she presided over and pretried cases in the Law Division, exposing her to a wide array of legal matters, such as birth injury, construction, defamation, products liability, toxic tort and wrongful death cases, among others.

“Judge Brosnahan’s commitment to preparedness—even over-preparedness—with every case is second to none,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “She digs into the facts and the law in every dispute before her and is dogged about resolution. Late nights and follow-ups are standard case preparation for her. Her strong work ethic is a credit to her and to all attorneys and litigants with whom she will work at ADR Systems.”

For example, while on the bench, Judge Brosnahan notably educated herself on the substantive points of Pennsylvania state law relevant to a complex, multi-defendant toxic tort case with novel, untested legal issues before her in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

“This case, as with any other, required that I put my nose to the grindstone to serve the parties,” explained Judge Brosnahan. “As a judge and now as a neutral, I often see people at one of the lowest, most vulnerable points in their lives. I need to do everything I can to understand the story that brought them to this point and help them turn the page.”

Turning that page, Judge Brosnahan believes, is often most possible and most effective through alternative dispute resolution. All disputes, she thinks, no matter their value, cost or the rancor between parties, can benefit from seeking a negotiated settlement or the finality of an arbitration award.

“A trial can exacerbate hard feelings. Examinations and cross-examinations can be grueling experiences. An appeal can drag it on and on,” said Judge Brosnahan. “Mediation offers certainty of result — you obviate risks and control the outcome—and arbitration offers certainty of finality. There’s value, closure and healing in that.”


Hon. Janet Adams Brosnahan, (Ret.) served 21 years in the Circuit Court of Cook County. She has expertise in settling a variety of disputes, particularly those relating to medical negligence, toxic tort and product liability issues. Judge Brosnahan also has extensive experience in labor, employment and contract matters. Her warmth and in-depth knowledge make her a well-respected and sought-after neutral.

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Judge Harmening is an excellent mediator. Even in situations where settlement is not achieved the day of the mediation, Judge Harmening will continue talks with the parties when he can sense that a settlement is still possible, and gets it done. We have successfully settled several cases with Judge Harmening to the satisfaction of all parties. I am looking forward to working with him on many more in the future.

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