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ADR Systems’ “Take a Tour” video offers attorneys a better look at the largest dispute resolution center in the Midwest.

Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago’s legal community at 20 North Clark Street, ADR Systems offers a comfortable environment for resolving disputes. The dispute resolution center consists of 22 spacious conference rooms and more than 15,000 square feet of space. For sensitive cases, ADR Systems occupies the 28th and 29th floors to maintain clients’ privacy. ADR Systems’ facilities promote an optimal environment for resolving legal disputes.

ADR Systems provides mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution services to attorneys and businesses.

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ADR Systems, It’s Settled.®

Judge Burke mediated a settlement in a matter where the parties were extremely far apart, with almost no common ground.  He pushed both sides to rethink their positions, outlined a post-conference approach and made himself available on short notice.  I do not believe anyone else could have settled the matter.  He will be my first choice for future mediations.

Lisa M. Lilly, Esq.Lisa M. Lilly Law