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With ADR Systems’ Personal Injury Settlement Program, parties can settle many disputes quickly in a single day at a reduced rate with the help of our mediators. The program offers many advantages for cases that qualify.

High Settlement Rate

Nearly all cases mediated through the program settle during their two-hour mediation session – even when conducted remotely. In a Personal Injury Settlement Program in the spring of 2020, six ADR Systems neutrals settled almost all of the 15 cases they mediated remotely over the course of eight hours.

Brief Session Time

While typical mediations require a four-hour or eight-hour session, cases in the program are mediated in only two hours or less. This short time period accelerates the mediation process, reducing its costs and encouraging all parties to come to the table well-prepared to negotiate.

A Reduced Rate for the Session

Parties can resolve disputes at a reduced rate. With most cases in the program, damages or causation are contested. Liability, negligence and the impact of preexisting conditions on a case’s value are rarely at issue; with such cases, a longer session time is typically required. The reduced rate allows for these more clear-cut cases to achieve a settlement at a lower cost to the parties.

The Opportunity to Work with New Mediators

Our neutrals are former trial attorneys and jurists with extensive experience working on personal injury cases. The program gives insurance providers and plaintiffs’ counsel the opportunity to work with several neutrals at a lower rate, providing them insight into different mediators and their different styles.

Closure for Both Parties

A settled case brings closure to the parties. Any case takes a toll on the parties involved. But under this program, parties can settle through a path even more convenient than a traditional mediation, helping everyone move forward faster.

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I want to express our firm’s appreciation to ADR Systems for providing us with an outstanding CLE program.  I received numerous positive comments from our partners; everyone thought that the Hon. F. Keith Brown and Stuart A. Nudelman provided us with useful and interesting insights.  I think that our Chicago partners (and anyone else who might do a mediation in Chicago) would be delighted with any of them as a mediator or arbitrator.

Alan Becker, Managing PartnerLitchfield Cavo LLP