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When the Law Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County mandated pretrial conferences and mediation by agreement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ADR Systems became Chicago’s largest virtual courthouse.

Under the Law Division’s mandate, cases that had a jury trial date on or after March 17, 2020 are now subject to a mandatory pretrial or mediation by agreement.  ADR Systems’ Pretrial Program helps attorneys fulfill this mandate and provides an avenue for resolving their clients’ disputes.

This program offers a discounted rate for a two-hour session with an experienced ADR Systems’ neutral. Parties may agree to turn the session into a binding process with high-low parameters, and no minimum number of cases is required to participate in the program. These conferences can be conducted remotely or in-person and are available for matters both awaiting trial and not in suit.

“Ever since we launched the Pretrial Program in response to delayed jury trials, it has been an immense success,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “Our goal is to be part of the solution for our clients – giving attorneys another option to resolve their cases with us through pretrials, mediations and arbitrations.

Along with our Pretrial Program which is offered at a lower rate, we continue to provide remote and in-person mediation and arbitration services. For parties who decide to mediate by agreement, ADR Systems has multiple resources available.

Whether you are looking to fulfill the Circuit Court of Cook County’s mandate or to simply find an easier path to dispute resolution, ADR Systems is your virtual courthouse. Contact us here or call 312.960.2260.

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Our mediator, Judge Hogan, was outstanding.  I was impressed with his wisdom and demeanor. Everyone was extremely professional, making counsel and clients feel comfortable.  I will use ADR Systems in the future.  Thanks for making an out-of-state lawyer feel at home!

Bruce D. Jacobs, Esq.Jacobs & Jacobs - New Haven, Connecticut