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ADR Systems can help parties resolve mechanics lien and contract disputes valued at $100K or less at a lower cost through the Commercial Alternative Fee Program.

“Less complex cases are ideally suited to the program,” said Hon. Philip L. Bronstein, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. “Litigation costs can be so substantial that they could exceed the value of the case, which does not help either of the litigants. This program provides a better way forward.”

Through the alternative fee program, each party pays a $900 flat fee for three hours of submission review and session time with their chosen neutral. Any additional time is billed at the neutral’s hourly rate.

“This fee structure keeps expenses down, fixes the cost in place before the process begins and gives parties access to a neutral experienced with these disputes,” said Hon. Lisa R. Curcio, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems.

Review time – for submissions from both parties – is a component of the three hours allotted in the alternative fee program, so parties are encouraged to condense their submissions accordingly. A concise submission should include the following components to effectively brief the neutral on the case:

  • A clear statement of the dispute
  • The status of litigation and discovery or document exchange
  • Information on previous settlement discussions
  • The contract between parties, where applicable
  • Relevant photographs
  • Key documents and exhibits supporting or refuting the claim

“Because of the experience these neutrals bring to the session, the submissions can be streamlined without unnecessary explanation,” said James P. Ziegler, Esq., of Stone Pogrund & Korey LLC. “The neutrals will have reviewed all of the materials, come ready to get to the real issues quickly, are sensitive to personalities when necessary and know how to bring opposing parties to a resolution. This program is one of the surest ways to resolve relatively small commercial litigation disputes without trial or extensive discovery.”

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Hon. Philip L. Bronstein, (Ret.) is a skilled mediator and arbitrator with experience resolving thousands of civil litigation cases by settlement or adjudication.  Before his time on the bench, he briefed and argued numerous cases before the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Illinois Appellate Court.  As a lawyer and judge, he has been involved in many issues that have led to the creation of appellate case law in the areas of taxation, civil rights, personal injury, and nursing home disputes, among others.

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Hon. Lisa R. Curcio, (Ret.) brings an abundance of real-world experience – real estate, business and banking — to her mediation and arbitration practice.  She spent 15 years as a Chancery Judge, presiding over mechanics liens, construction contracts and construction defect cases.  Judge Curcio is regarded as an energetic and pragmatic neutral who helps parties construct suitable solutions to their disputes.

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Our law firm handles only medical malpractice cases—a type of case that is very difficult to settle except by mediators who understand the complex emotions involved and what is at risk when such cases go to trial.  I trust ADR Systems' panel of mediators.  They have settled cases I truly thought incapable of settlement. I highly recommend them.

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