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Sometimes the cases you want to resolve at year’s end don’t make it to the finish line. You can trust the neutrals at ADR Systems to tenaciously work to resolve them right away in the new year.

Our senior mediators and arbitrators are eager to serve you and your clients. Collectively, they average decades of judicial and legal experience, settling about 91% of cases – in person and remotely – and efficiently arbitrating disputes. They take no part in the ownership, administration or management of ADR Systems, remaining entirely neutral and exclusively focused on mediating and arbitrating disputes for our clients.

Last year was filled with additions and innovations at ADR Systems, and we are excited for another year of the same, especially as the legal profession continues to adapt to the new-model world of remote practice. Security, health and safety and confidentiality remain at top of mind for us as well. Ethical obligations enumerated by the ABA help to guide our policies and practices, and we will continue to offer remote and in-person options while maintaining health and safety protocols.

It is our mission at ADR Systems to continue to offer an unparalleled client experience. Trust is the backbone of our relationship with you, and you can trust us to deliver on our promises. We are eager to help you make progress on your cases in the new year. We look forward to serving you and resolving disputes.

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ADR Systems, It’s Settled. ®

I want to thank you on behalf of my client and me, and especially thank Judge Casciato, who did such an excellent job getting our case settled during a remote Zoom mediation. I always recommend ADR Systems and your great mediators to attorneys who ask me. In fact, in my judgment, your firm put alternative dispute resolution (ADR) on the map in Illinois. ADR Systems provides a cost-effective means of resolving lawsuits in a mutually satisfactory manner. Keep up the excellent work!  

Mark P. Standa, Esq.Mark P. Standa, P.C.