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Each of ADR Systems’ Custom Programs can be used on remote cases. Whether your case is a small two-party matter or large and complicated with multiple plaintiffs and defendants, our Custom Programs are easily adaptable for remote mediation and arbitration.

ADR Systems will provide the same unparalleled client experience in a remote setting –regardless of case size or complexity – thanks to our skilled senior mediators and arbitrators, our refined case-management processes and our recently enhanced cybersecurity practices.

Experienced Remote Mediators and Arbitrators

Our neutrals are adept at mediating and arbitrating disputes face-to-face and face-to-camera-to-face. Since March of 2020, they have resolved thousands of cases remotely and achieved almost identical results using videoconferencing to facilitate settlements. About 91% of mediated cases will settle at ADR Systems regardless of whether our clients participate in-person or virtually. Even early on in the pandemic, our neutrals’ mediation skills helped an insurance carrier settle almost fifteen cases in a single day during our first entirely remote Settlement Day through one of our most popular Custom Programs.

Our neutrals prepare for remote cases set through any of our Custom Programs just as they would for an in-person session: by reviewing and annotating submissions and by corresponding with our case managers and with counsel. This continuity of practice ensures that our neutrals offer the same diligence for a case within one of our Custom Programs as they would for a half-day or full-day mediation or arbitration.

Refined Case Management Processes

Many cases come to ADR Systems seeking resolution through one of our Custom Programs in various ways. For example, insurance carriers might ask us to organize Settlement Days with plaintiff counsel through our Personal Injury Settlement Program. Counsel could seek a recourse for drawn-out UM&UIM cases required to pursue arbitration and attorneys for parties in mechanics lien and contracts disputes may consider mediation when the cost of litigation would otherwise exceed the value of the case.

Whether resolved in-person or remotely, ADR Systems manages the preparation for these proceedings in nearly identical ways. Case managers work closely with our Submissions Department and Remote Sessions Support Team to prepare neutrals for these sessions materially and technologically. Case managers clarify process and procedure, coordinate schedules among parties, function as intermediaries between them before proceedings and support neutrals in follow-ups with parties on the rare occasion when a case does not settle in the first session.

Enhanced Security

ADR Systems is one of the first alternative dispute resolution providers to undertake a comprehensive cybersecurity audit to better safeguard confidential client information and provide a more secure information technology (IT) environment. We preserve case information via antivirus solutions, encryption and multi-factor authentication and cloud back-up against potential data loss. And we secure our remote sessions via password-protected sessions, encryption of communications via our videoconferencing tool, limited screen- and file-sharing during sessions, and with the help of our on-call Remote Sessions Support Team.

All clients and cases at ADR Systems enjoy the benefits of these enhancements so that custom-program mediations and arbitrations can proceed remotely without loss of quality, efficacy or confidentiality.

Remote dispute resolution is only nominally different from its traditional, in-person counterpart even for cases resolved through our Custom Programs. Experienced neutrals, our case-management practices and our security infrastructure all combine to offer an unparalleled client experience on all cases.

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Judge Harmening is an excellent mediator. Even in situations where settlement is not achieved the day of the mediation, Judge Harmening will continue talks with the parties when he can sense that a settlement is still possible, and gets it done. We have successfully settled several cases with Judge Harmening to the satisfaction of all parties. I am looking forward to working with him on many more in the future.

Thomas R. Mulroy III, Esq.Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard